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World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Speedrun Leveling 60 Leave a comment

1. Speedruning to 60 is meaningless, but the guide is still designed to optimize the time of leveling main and alts (I recommend you to listen to the story if you have not played the beta).  It is best to play in a group of 5 people and in Warmode (+10% experience and 3 pvp talents). Remember to use the guild standards. Everyone should have the AutoTurnIn addon. My guide below is calculated for warmode per horde (+10%).
2. To choose a covenant on your main char, you need to complete EVERY main campaign (story) quest and the last one is only available at lvl 60. At the moment, a random normal gives ~50k + experience. If you speedrun normals with a group of 5 people, then it is more profitable than doing quests. On the main it is not relevant, but for the alts it is the best leveling option (see below on the alts). If you have not used warmode, then you will have to do normals on the main.
3. Doing all the campaign will grant you 9.5 lvls with WM on and you will need to get 0.5 more lvls from extra quests or in dungeons (~15 additional quests or 2 normal dungeons).

Do not waste time collecting treasures and rares, they give almost no experience. Try not to loot mobs at all, unless required for quests.

  1. If you plan to play at the release time, try to get ahead of the crowd at the start as much as possible, speed pots (up to 51 lvl) and gunshoes will help a lot. Goblin Glider, Gunshoes and Bear Tartare are the best consumables for levelling, which have not yet been hotfixed yet (they can be fixed before the release).
  2. While leveling some quests will require to reach certain level (level gating), using guide below you can only expirience this only twice: 53 level in Bastion (after xp potion nerf) and 58 level in Ardenweald Leveling your main to lvl 60, and starting covenant quests with the time-numbers indicated in the guide requires about 80 gunshoes and 50 gliders.

All story quests are marked with this icon. We do only these quests up to Ardenweald (it’s stated in guide if you need to do anything additional)

  1. Leveling in Shadowlands is generally much easier than in Legion and BFA, and takes 5-6 hours per one character (4 hours speedrun).

Bonus objectives appear in a few zones, we complete these 1x in Bastion, 1x in Ardenveld and 2x in Revendreth.

Stages  What are we doing (leveling main character)?
~135 ilvl gear isn’t replaced until 60. Azerite/neck/cloak are much stronger than their counterparts in SL and will be used until M0 (183 ilvl).
If ilvl is below 135, then you will start changing the gear around ~58.

Step 1

50 lvl ~ 27 minutes     Starting with the quest in Org/SW, we start questing in the Maw. Use as much gliders and speed pots as you need. It’s better to get ahead of everyone as soon as possible. During last quest with Jaina you mustn’t get far from her or the quest will reset.

When leveling alts, you can use any zones in any order, you don’t have to do story quests. If they won’t fix the experience in the dungeons, then just level in normals with a group of 5 people.

Shadowlands map, with a sequence of locations (on the main)

Step 2

50.9 lvl ~ 8 minutes        When you get to the Oribos immediately start doing campaign quests because they are pretty slow and there are no places to get ahead. During this step it is important to get upgrades for both professions, set hearth at Oribos (it will be really useful) and get flight point

Step 3

Lvl 51 ~ 67 minutes     The first location is Bastion. Here we only do story quests and 1 additional bonus objective to try and get ahead of the crowd. Upon receiving the quest to return to Oribos, use your hearthstone.

IMPORTANT: In the Purity’s Pinnacle, you need to pick up the “Kyrian Bell” treasure (58.51,71.58) and then use it off CD up to lvl 60 (heals while you run between quests). In Hero’s rest (central town) you may (or may not) encounter first level gate for 53 level, if it’s the case just do any 1 of the quests located in this town or grind a few mobs, this level gate is very small.

Step 4

53.4 lvl   ~ 88 minutes     The second location is Maldraxxus. Mostly do story quests and try to get ahead of the crowd. In quest chain with Marileth (near house of Plague) you will need to do 3 additional regular quests (see location marked on the map) and pick up a treasure chest with toy – Fial of Ravenous Slime. There will be a slow storyline in the Maw at the end. There is no any kind of level gating in this zone if you did everything well

Stages  What are we doing (alt leveling)?

Step 1   On alts, you will still have to complete the starting quests in the Maw.

Step 2   When arriving in Oribos, you will have a choice: skip the story or continue leveling according to the story (screenshot below), choose – skip the story. Next, it will be necessary to do 4-6 bonus objective quests in each zone , they also give 80k experience, the rest of the time we play group finder normal dungeons in our group of 5 people.

Step 5

56 lvl ~ 75 minutes     The third location is Ardenweald. In this zone you will need to do 7 additional regular quests near the Glimmering Cascades location (for exact location check map link). This is required to pass level gating in this zone later with Ysera quest, which requires 58 level to begin. You also doing 1 bonus objective on the way (can not miss it)

Step 6

Lvl 58.3 ~65 minutes     The fourth location is Revendreth. In this location only do story quests and 2x bonus objectives. Upon arrival at Sinfall with Theotar and taking the quest “take the elevator” you must have 59 lvl and 80% (4 empty bars left). If in any case you don’t have required level (59,8 lvl) just do any 1-2 regular quests in Sinfall before going on elevator, otherwise you will have to return

Step 7

Lvl 60 ~ 8 minutes        After hitting 60, we start the quest with Prince Renatal in Fall of the Fall (Revendreth) for the final scenario. After the end of the scenario, we fly on Draven and hearthstone to Oribos.

Step 8

Lvl 60 ~ 32 minutes     In Oribos, we do a quest to select a covenant and immediately fly to the sanctum of the selected covenant. There we do only storyline quests of the stronghold, including 3 WQs and quests in the Maw. We upgrade the Commander’s table and bind our hearthstone to the Covenant Stronghold (this step can be skipped on alts, a skip button appears).

Step 9

Lvl 60 ~ 25 minutes     BONUS: If you played on release, then you can complete a calling/emissary, AND reach Stygian cap in the Maw before first reset. Quests for Torgast (see Torgast), Ve’nari weeklies (see the Maw) and M0 will be unavailable until after the “first” reset.

Step 10

Lvl 60    You can proceed to leveling alts.

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