• Here we offer you to buy Piloted Arena 2×2 team boost to a fixed rating.
  • Selfplay option we also offer, but in different section (check 3v3 rating boost, or Play with pro)
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  1. Ordering this product you guarateed will gain rating, because pro players will play on your characters.
  2. Available for all classes, regions, specs and factions (even for tank)
  3. NOT SAFE method, alot different shops told about VPN 100% security or something, but its just trick. If want be sure in security, check 3v3 rating boost, or Play with pro.
  • 1800 2×2 Arena rating + 445+ ilvl Normal Appearance.
  • 2000 2×2 Arena rating + 455+ ilvl Elite Appearance.
  • 2200 2×2 Arena rating + 465+ ilvl Elite Appearance.
The way we are doing it:
  • – Will be arranged boosting team, with working hours scheduled according to your preferences
  • – Available only for Account Sharing Mode : our booster will take over your account for completion
  • – We are providing private stream, where you can watch completing progress