[EU/US] 1800 rating with Rival Title


  • Here we offer you to buy Selfplay Arena 3×3 team boost to a fixed 1800 rating.
  • You may become happy owner PvP titles, which you always want to achieve. As well we know that is hard to find mates for some reasons.
  • Our players have highest PvP ratings experience, cause of it our clients get lots of PvP titles, even Gladiator and Rank 1. We have records and feedbacks which proof it!
  • Playing with professionals you learn how to play as them and gaining more satisfaction from game. In moral way it’s much better than to look for random pals, who kicking you without any reasons after first lose. You have opportunity choose setup or let us know if you don’t know what is better for you. PvP consultants are high level players who always ready to help you with any questions.
  • With boom-boost you can be sure that you will get optimal players, who will help you to gain top rating.
  • Ordering fixed rating, you will play untill you will gain choosed result, without time limits, the result is guaranteed or you will get your money back(100% refunds)!
  1. Best results – Rank 1 after 30+ hours. Gladiator – after 8 hours for 2200 player.
  2. Ordering this product you guarateed will gain rating depends on your choice, without time limits.
  3. Available for all classes, regions, specs and factions(even for tank)
  4. Absolutely safe, without cheats/win trade/hacks/bots.
  5. Voice chat isn’t mandatory, but welcomed just to listen to recommendations of our players.

What you will get after boost:

  • 1800 rating in 3v3 Arena with Rival Title
  • Elite PvP Gear Set for transmog your character!
  • A lot of Conquest points, Azerite that will increase the power of your Hearth of Azeroth artifact
  • All rewards are now instant after reaching 1800 rating!
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