• Buy Ordering this option you’ll get:
  1. Vicious Saddle which can be traded for various PvP Mounts
  2.  PvP gear 455+ ilvl
  3.  Lots of Mark of Honor
  4.  Various PvP Achievements
  • The way we are doing it:
  • – Will be arranged boosting team, with working hours scheduled according to your preferences
  • – PvP Season 4 Vicious Mount Reward: Vicious War Bonesteed mount on Alliance side and Vicious War Bonesteed mount on Horde side. *Once you obtain your Seasonal Mount, every time you fill the pvp bar after that you’ll earn a Vicious Saddle. That said, if you haven’t earned seasonal mount reward this season yet you will need to buy one more Vicious Saddle boost for each Vicious Saddle item itself, which can be exchanged for VICIOUS SADDLE Mounts added in previous expansions.