Castle Nathria Heroic raid run

10/10 bosses killed on Heroic difficulty
All achievements for killing 10/10 bosses on Heroic difficulty
Chance to obtain 213-220 ilvl gear
Flexible price possible ask in live chat
ETA start ask in live chat for sure
ETA run 3-5 hours:


Castle Nathria is the Patch 9.0 Raid with Sire Denathrius as the last boss! Ten bosses will grant you a massive load of loot.

Please Note: You may set up a custom run! If you from a US server, please select your region on top page.

Just check the options below (Loot-traders) or press the chat button and text the desired conditions, and our manager will set up a custom order with a personal price.

The service will be started after November 10 US / November 11 EU.

Buy WoW Castle Nathria Heroic Loot Run Boost Service and get the following rewards:

  • You can buy 10/10 Castle of Nathria heroic clear depending on your options.
  • Lots of gear 213-220 + item level looted via a personal system from bying Castle of Nathria hc raid.
  • Expand your collection with Heroic: Castle Nathria raid achievements. You will get Castle HC carry Achievement for each boss you kill.
  • You can increase the loot amount from CN Heroic raid carry by ordering extra boosters – traders. However, traders will be available after 3 weeks since raid opening.
  • New Armors and Transmog from Heroic CN run.
  • In any difficulty, buying and slaying Castle Nathria HC bosses will count towards your weekly objectives of Great Vault Raid and thus adding Castle Nathria loot to your Great Vault bonus loot selection, considering if you kill at minimum 3 bosses in the same difficulty.
  • Most wanted achievement Ahead of the Curve: Sire Denathrius, – a Key to be invited into any raid group.

You may order the following Bosses packages from or just buy a single boss via special option:

What the options we offer at buying WoW Castle Nathria Heroic Loot Run Boost Service?

  • Self Play Run – You play yourself in this mode, and we offer this option, because can guarantee 100% security.
  • Week of the Run – Your raid run will be arranged for the first or second week after the raid Castle of Nathria heroic has become available.
  • Loot Traders — You will be supported during the run by the chosen number of personal loot traders of your type of armor. They’re going to give all their looted items to you.
  • Please be aware that loot traders are affected by in-game restrictions and will not be able to exchange an item if their looted item is greater by item level than one they already have in that equipment slot.
  • We’re going to help you prepare your run after the CN Heroic boost is purchased, just ask in live chat!

How does the loot work in our raids if you buy Heroic CN carry?

  • Your Castle HC run will be done in Personal Loot mode.
  • In Personal Loot mode, we do not guarantee any amount of gear. Adding Loot traders to your run, however, ensures a certain amount of equipment per run.
  • In case you add loot traders to your run and do not get the guaranteed number of items during the single run, our team will continue working with your character until you have a promised number of slots of Castle of Nathria gear.

  • adding 1 loot trader guarantee 3 or more item in different slots
  • adding 2 loot traders guarantee 4 or more item in different slots
  • adding 3 loot traders guarantee 5 or more item in different slots
  • adding 4 loot traders guarantee 6 or more item in different slots
  • adding 5 loot traders guarantee 7 or more item in different slots.

All items you obtain during runtime count to the guaranteed number of items, including items that:

  • You loot from the boss directly.
  • You’re getting from bonus roll seals.
  • The loot traders are traded to you.

Please be aware that you can only receive item trades from characters assigned to you if you want to add a number of extra boosters. There is no requirement for other raiders to exchange your loot.

Please understand that there might be other clients in the running with you. They don’t have to trade any of their loot for you.


Your character must be 60 Level to buy CN heroic raid,  you can get it by buying our leveling service.
Boost will take 3-4 hours in stable conditions.

This is a premium heroic wow boosting service. You’ll be getting 213/220+ ilvl equipment as well as the Ahead of the Curve achievement for defeating Sire Denathrius, the main boss of the CN heroic raid. All of our boosts are performed by the world’s top guilds.

The First raid of World of WarCraft (WoW) Shadowlands (SL) patch 9.0.1, and is the first raid of the Shadowlands Expansion, is opening in November. It is influenced thematically by Vampire castles which are so prevalent today in pop culture. Lore-wise, it is the home of the Ventyr Covenant king, Sire Denathrius. From now on, there is only one entry accessible in Revendreth, but there are also two already locked gates that will be used for shortcuts later in the expansion.

The instance itself features ten bosses and three wings each with three bosses, with Denathrius himself in the final encounter. In the sense of Heroic complexity, all bosses with the exception of the last generals from Stoneborne have 213 loot. However, the last two drop loot of level 220.

Loot item levels will vary from 213 -220 in heroic CN run up to 226-233 at Mythic Castle of Nathria carry, and will include the best possible weapons not only for raiders but also for mythic+ runners. Glory of the Nathria Raider raid will also feature one new mount –Nathria Rampart Screecher.

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Alex Mayall
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Got a HC Nyalotha Boost. Was extremely fast and comfy. Polite group Legit shocked how good it went 5/5.
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Never fail to disappoint, all boosting done fast and effectively, open communication at all times, a+
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Fast service and very professional, friendly players. I would 100% recommend for my friends, leveling like always express and empressive.
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good and smooth run, llove
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Pablo Flores
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A great team and experience. Very good attention and coordination.
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Igor Polyak
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Thank you guys! Everything was fast, received my mount in 1h after placed order Very responsive shop.
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Amazing players. Carried to 2.4k+ and 50 glad wins. Very nice people
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We are 9+ years on the market of WoW services as a legal company with high business level and thousand of reviews and feedback from real people on different forums like ownedcore and Facebook, old reviews page (from 2014 year) Disqus, and of course rated 9.9 out of 10 based on Trustpilot