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Contact us on

There is our Discord ID below, please copy it and add us to your friend list.




After payment, the operator within 20-30 minutes will contact you and discuss further details of the boost, the start of work time, etc.
Ordering this option you’ll get:
  1.  Mount – Siltwing Albatross
  2. 1000 Seafarer’s Dubloon
  3.  Some Azerite to upgrade your Heart of Azeroth
  4. Other random rewards from expedition
The way we are doing it:
  • – Will be arranged boosting team, with working hours scheduled according to your preferences
  • – Available only for Account Sharing Mode : our booster will take over your account for completion
  • – We are providing private stream, where you can watch completing progress
  • – Important!: We don’t ask your secret question, so account is protected from steal
Order completion time: 2 weeks.