How much rating you want?
Are you stuck in your current MMR or Division in Dota 2 we can help you and here are some important information:
  • Dota 2 MMR Boost is where a pro or semi-pro Dota 2 player plays on your account or with you to earn rank and rewards easy.
  • Use our Dota 2 Boosting service and you can get to any MMR you want, enter your rating and desired rating in the 2 fields.
  • Our Booster will play on your Dota 2 account and get the desired rating you want, first select if you need help with Core Rating or Support Rating. After that enter your Dota 2 MMR for example 3420 and desired 4100 you will see the price update, add it to cart and pay.
  • If your Account is new and you don’t have mmr then you need to finish your calibration games first and we can help you with that too.
  • We are doing around 100-200 mmr per day so you can calculate how long your boost will take.
After You Purchase Dota 2 MMR Boost what will happen:
  • First, you will get an email asking for login info, you can provide it via the live chat too.
  • You get your bought Medal with our Dota 2 Boosting Herald, Guardian, Crusader, Archon, Legend, Ancient, Divine depended on the MMR you Bought.
  • Once the dota booster is ready you will get his contact and you can provide him the steamguard code.
  • When the boosting is finished you will get an email and your booster will tell you too.
Why you should choose our players:
  • We can boost you to any MMR we have top dota 2 players that can rank up to 7000 mmr.
  • We can play on all servers and we can use vpn if you like.
  • All your items and steam account are safe you don’t need to disable your steam guard and you can talk directly with your booster and provide him the login code when he needs it.
  • We will play your account on offline mode while we do Dota 2 Boost so no one can see that we are playing if we should play on the online mode we won’t talk with your friends.
  • We can disable expose data so no one can see on from where we play on dotabuff.
  • We can use specific heroes you like but this service costs more and we can stream your Dota 2 Boost.
  • 100% Security payment, provide paypal.
  • Tons reviews on our Trustpilot page.
Information about our services:
  • Dota 2 Boosting is a service website for the game Dota 2, we can help you with your rank, placement games, lp removal, battle cup wins or you could buy smurf accounts from us.
  • We don’t use any kind of cheats or hacks just skilled player will help you in Dota 2, we are in the gaming business since 2008 and if you need any help.
  • Our Support is almost 24/7 online if you need something specific or need help with your order.
  • Transparent working methods, private stream, and comfortable conditions, will make you very happy 🙂