Just Hours
Recommended number of training hours – 2 hours. 💡  Tricks of the trade:
  • Answers to your questions.
  • Tips and tactics for beginners simple.
  • Selecting a role in the game: Tank, Carry or Support.
  • Control cards and hero. The types of lines and their description.
  • Learning how to farm or stand online and not die. Learn roaming (moving map).
  • Correct peaks heroes and bans.
  • Quick purchase items and farm gold. How to fight off the investment in items quickly and efficiently.
  • Bleeding in the forest.
  • Varding – learning how to make exploration and to help the team win.
💡  Game subtleties:
  • Purchase for your favorite hero. What to buy and how to do it correctly?
  • Hanka. Learning how and when to gank enemies.
  • Lessons sapportinga. Be a good tech support.
  • Aggression on the line.
  • Competent batch or initiation. How to start? Tips.
  • Roshan. Kill correctly and obtain the benefits of the enemy.
  • Selection of players for matchmaking. What is CDA and other aspects of Dota 2.
  • Job Description rating systems Dota 2, soloMMR, teamMMR, calibration.
Our coaches have solo rating 6800+