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Wow self play boost

The difference between «self playing» and «pilot» is that in «pilot» you give access to your account to unknown man to boost your character, and it’s not always safe. However in «self playing» you control your hero by yourself.

You may ask: “And why do I need to use wow self play boost?”. And that is the answer! When you play with our help – you play not with random players, but in a team of experienced professionals – our boosters.

For example, when you are playing 3v3 arena, you need a team of three people and if you randomly select a team, you may get players even weaker than you and lower in rating. This is why we offer wowo arena boost self play. Use the services of right now and get our boosters as your partners. Become a part of an experienced team and win a common victory!

We guarantee a rating of 1800 to any player, no good Arena skill required.

We can also easily teach you how to play WoW correctly for your character. The whole process will be supervised by our coaches. We guarantee an individual approach to each player and loyalty at the initial stages of training. The training itself will be carried out in special arenas and will be accompanied by constant contact with the coach (Skype, Discord). We understand that everyone has different levels of the game, so we will adapt absolutely to any client!

By the way, our coaches and boosters have a high skill and are constantly improving! Believe me, you can’t find anyone better! Competent and clear speech, clear explanations and valuable advice – this is what will accompany you all the training!