Frequently Asked Questions

This Agreement was last modified on 18th february 2020

Shipping Information

Why should I trust you? Wouldn’t you disappear with my money?

No, we are not going to disappear. The reasons are listed below:

  1. We are registered entity, which is authorized by PayPal. Our documents are checked and banking account is verified. Your financial transaction is strictly protected by PayPal Buyer Protection.
    It is difficult to work with global payment systems such as Visa / Mastercard and be swindlers.
    A lot of  players trust us. Check our Trustpilot profile
  2. We can organize stream if you’d like. You can watch completion of your order.
  3. No tricks, no fraud, everything is transparent.



Customer privacy is easily what we value the most during the completion of your service. The key points of this concept are:

  1. We will never talk with anyone in game unless given permission
  2. If you ask, we can reply to anyone you want in a specific way. If your friends aren`t English speakers, you can tell us a sentence that our booster has to reply with in your own language. We`re here for you!
  3. We will never mention boosting in the in-game chats as we know this could be dangerous.

Ok, I buy it. I would like to order. How can I do it?

To order a service is very simple. There are no long boring registration procedures and confirmations:

  1. Make your choice;
  2. Choose options;
  3. Fill out forms;
  4. Pay via PayPal/Visa/Mastercard
  5. Contact us
  6. Or we will contact with you 🙂

Payment has been passed. What am I suppose to do next?

First, we are glad you decided to work with us. We are sure you’d be satisfied by our job. Usually, we contact the client after receiving the order. If you’ve not discussed details with an operator, we do it. You can poke us via online chat or Skype/Discord to accelerate the process.

We define the time, when we are ready to start. You need to give us access to account before in time. If you are going to play by yourself, you should be online in time.

FAQ Second Version

I have never gave an account to another person. How does that work?

No problem, alot services offer via Selfplay method, just check discription, or ask in live chat.
Sometime we need an access to your account. You have to give us login, password and code of authenticator (in case it is attached).
We never ask for secret answers or something that can give full access to your account;
We will need only code from e-mail.
Do not log on after you change the password. If you do, we could not log on with new password. You will have to repeat this procedure again. If you need to do it for some reason, inform us about that.
If you have the authenticator, you have to pass us the code before the service is to begin. Make sure you have deactivated the requirement to enter the code each time you log in game.

I passed the account, when you start?

ASAP. Usually we start right after payment. You have to understand, that some things need time to gather the group. For instance, raids. We will inform you about start, you are not going to miss anything.
You always might be informed about the process via online chat or Skype/Discord.

I would like to participate raid by myself. What am I supposed to do? I don’t know tactics.

It is better to know tactics, but if you don’t know – it does not matter. You can heal or dps, whatever you want to do, but tanking is definitely not for you in that kind of raid.
Or can just be afk, no problem also.
Some encounters are quite complicated and require high personal skill. It is better for you to die at the beginning of the fight to avoid time wasting. You’d be warned about that.

Oops, I paid, but have changed my mind. How can I get my money back?

Do not worry. We will help you next time. In case we have not started yet, we return all your money. To get your money back you should contact our operator.
In case we have started, for instance, already boosting your arena rating or leveled up several levels, your money will be return partially. It depends on what was already done.

I’ve got a lot of gold. Can I pay by gold? What are the gold equivalent prices for that?

Sorry, we do not take game gold. You can get ban for gold transfer, better to pay with PayPal.